Made with our amazingly strong yet super light, aluminium carabiner clip, this Biothane leash is made for adventure!  


The width of this leash makes it perfect for puppies, tiny dogs, and cats, yet still suitable for well mannered larger dogs.  We do caution using this on dogs over 30 pounds if they are heavy pullers.


Want added security for that "tough on the gear" pup? Choose the auto locking carabiner option.  This carabiner is longer than the regular carabiner and you may find it too long for tiny dogs.


Our hanbdle comes default with a ring riveted into the handle.  If you'd prefer a floating ring, or no ring at all, let us know in the comments.


We will use silver by default for the rivets and handle ring, we think it's the most durable, but if you'd like black, brass, rainbow or rose gold, let us know in the comments.



3/8" Wide Adventure Leash

  • The 3/8" leash is made from standard weight Biothane.

    The carabiner is made form aluminium so it will not rust.

    The durability of the hardware depends on the color.  The silver, and black rivets are plated with solid brass underneath and will not rust.  The brass rivets are solid brass.  The rainbow and rose gold may chip overtime and are not recommended for heavy saltwater users.