Made with the easy to use trigger snap , this Biothane long line offers a quick release option that stands up to heavy wear and tear.


This is the perfect line for training, walks on the trail, the beach, camping, or anywhere you can think of where you want to give your dog a little room to roam but need to keep them under control.  


The width of this line is great for large to giant sized dogs.


Our long lines come default with a handle but without a ring in the handle (less to drag and get caught up on something). If you prefer your line without a handle,  or with a ring in the handle, or a floating ring,  just let us know in the order notes. 



3/4" Wide Trigger Biothane Long Line

  • The 3/4" long line is made from standard weight Biothane.  Super heavy material is available on request, but we feel the standard is best to keep the line light for dragging.  Standard and super heavy have the same break strength.

    The durability of the hardware depends on the color.  The stainless steel and brass are our toughest and use solid brass rings and rivets.  The stainless steel option uses brass rivets with silver plating on top so they match the clip and are very durable and will not rust. The brass rivets are solid brass.  The black, rainbow, and rose gold may chip overtime and are not recommended for heavy saltwater users. 

    All rings and rivets will match the color choice of the clip you choose.